USA Rising At Youth Sailing World Championships

The second day at Youth Sailing World Championships saw up and down. The cloud has covered the whole racing area. The whole day seen the presence of 8-12 knot breeze with an increase when the sun broke the clouds in the mid of the day. There strong performances went for the whole day and this leads to advances in second standings for the Nations Trophy. USA has started following Italy, Israel, Argentina, and France.

America’s twins Emma Cowles and Carmen put the first class, race disqualification on the opening day and behind them there was Girl’s 420 claiming for two wins and second from different races.

With the hold of DSQ-1-2-1, this resulted into the hold of seven points over Britain’s Pippa Cropley and Hatty Morsley on one hand and Argentina’s Emiliana Lopez and Vignati Garona on the other hand.

USA’s Rome Featherstone as well as Otto Henry, leads Boy’s 420 after winning the second race. They both are four points clear as that of USA’s Trevor Bornarth and Thomas Rice. The leaders like Noam Homri and Ido Bilik from Israel have dropped down to third rank post ninth and 15th.

America’s Charlotte Rose bagged three wins from four in Girl’s Laser Radial and holds the top place. She has finished off 18th but later rejects the outcome by leading Dolores Moreira Fraschini by four points. Valeriya Lomatchenko won the race, but Rose is yet to seal the 11th overall.

Leader of Boy’s Laser Radial, Guido Gallinaro from Israel wear gold leader bib for another date even after finishing off the mixed results. He has opened the day with 21 but unfortunately got back and failed to win. This leads to discard of three points from his side and win three points by clearing Russia, Daniil Krutskikh who gained 6-4 points.

Overnight Boy’s Laser Radial leader Guido Gallinaro (ITA) will wear the gold leader bib for another day even though he had two mixed results. He opened the day with a 21st but bounced back with a win. He discarded the 21st and is three points clear of Russia’s Daniil Krutskikh who sailed consistently, recording a 6-4.