Vendee Globe Sailing Mishaps

Alex Thomson is the leader of Vendee Globe and his boat got damaged as it hit an object that was submerged in the waters. He was racing ahead of the fleet on the south Atlantic waters when his boat faced the accident. The Welsh sailor was all set to break the existing record that has been set in the 2012-2013 races for sailing solo. But with the turn of luck that he had it seems that he will have to wait for another day to come back and break that record.

The scare came as Bertrand de Broc retired from the fleet as the French skipper among the fleet of 29 boats. De Broc raised the flag to surrender on day thirteen. It was definitely a grueling round of sailing solo in the race around the world.

This followed the detour that he made on the Brazilian trip. On Friday he experienced a banging in the hull of the boat that was incessant. When he dived in to check what has happened, he realized that the boat’s hull had gotten damaged due to collision with a submerged object off the Portugal coast. Thankfully this is not what you get when you charter a Yacht in Trogir.

After de Broc realized the damage he had to take the decision to go off the competition. Being 56 years of age, he stated that it was a hard decision to take. He has been a tough nut on the waters, having earned the nickname of Rambo after he had to sew back his tongue at sea in a race that he participated in 1992-93. The French sailor was understandably disappointed with the turn of luck he had.

However, he might take some consolation from the fact that Thomson, who was behind him, faced similar bad luck and he has also been rid of his chance to set a new world record of sailing solo.